MySql Backup FTP (MySqlBF) makes MySQL database backups and uploads them to FTP, Amazon S3, Dropbox, Box, OneDrive or Google Drive. Available in Free and Paid editions.

About Us

SQLBackupAndFTP was created by a New Jersea based company Pranas.NET. Our address:
18-23 Greenwood Dr
Fair Lawn, NJ 07410 USA

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MySql Backup FTP

MySqlBackupFTP MySqlBackupFTP creates remote MySQL database backups Zips, Encrypts and FTPs the database backups Automates to run on Schedule Sends e-mail confirmations Also runs custom scripts, backups file folders, allows to view the results on the web and more. Available in free and paid versions.

Sql Script Generator

SqlScriptGeneratorUsing SqlScriptGenerator you can connect to your local or remove SQL Server and generate T-SQL script of the whole database or just database structure or just data or specific database objects. In the result it generates one or several *.sql files with CREATE, INSERT T-SQL statements that recreate database objects you've selected.

Screenshot Monitor

Screenshot Monitor is an app that tracks time and captures screenshots from employee computers


ErgoNotes is all about unbiased software reviews, constructive criticism and competitor comparison


LingoHelp - practical English Grammar.

LightBox Video Web Gallery Creator

LightBox Video Web Gallery Creator LightBox Video Web Gallery Creator is a free Web Photo and Video Gallery generation software.

Show this program the folder where your images and videos are, press "Create web gallery" button and in a few moments a lightbox-like HTML Web Gallery will open in your browser. The resulting folder then can be copied anywhere (to your site).


Our Backup Products

MySQL Backup MySQL Backup FTP (MySqlBF) - MySQL database backup
SQL Backup SQL Backup And FTP - MS SQL Server & Azure database backup
SQL Restore One-Click SQL Restore - MS SQL Server backup restore
PostgreSQL Backup PostgreSQL Backup - PostgreSQL database backup
SqlBak SqlBak - Backup, monitor and restore SQL Server databases from the web
Download SQLBackupAndFTP Download version for .NET 3.5 (no Azure support)