MySql Backup FTP (MySqlBF) makes MySQL database backups and uploads them to FTP, Amazon S3, Dropbox, Box, OneDrive or Google Drive. Available in Free and Paid editions.

Frequently Asked Questions (MySqlBF)

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Features FAQ

See features for full list of features and comparison between Free, Standard and Professional versions. For details see How does MySqlBF work? in forum.

Q: Is there a tutorial on how to configure MySqlBF?

A: See the MySqlBF tutorial

Q: What can I do with MySqlBF?

A: You can run scheduled backups of MySQL databases, run file/folder backup, zip and encrypt the backups, store them on a network or on a FTP server (with any custom port), remove old backups and send yourself an e-mail confirmation on Success of Failure.

Q: How do I restore backups?

A: MySQL backup file is just the text that consists of CREATE and INSERT statements. You need to run it on your server.

Q: What can I do additionally with Advanced Settings?

A: You can run encrypt zip files (Professional version only) , set a custom Temp folder, customize database timeout, set custom zip compression level & more

Q: What I can NOT do with MySqlBF?

A: We do not provide FTP storage - you have to use your own FTP server. Database restore should be handled by yourself

Q: What is the difference between Free and other versions?

A: All alow you do unlmited number of databases to backup using "Run Now" button. But Free is limited to 2 and Lite to 5 databases to backup on schedule. Standard is unlimited. Professional adds AES encryption and FTPS. Ultimate is the same as Professional plus lifetime features

Q: Does it run as a service? Does it need to be started?

A: The start is triggered by Windows Scheduler when the job is scheduled to run once a day or a service in more complicated scenarios. The program will run just fine after system restart and you do not need to be logged-in for it to start.

Q: Does MySqlBF have a command line interface?

A: Yes. Note that command-line options are ortogonal (additional) to the options you have in .jobx file. Consider them to be "modifiers" of options saved in .jobx file. BTW .jobx is just an XML file - you can edit it in Notepad.

Q: Can it be used with Dropbox?

A: Yes. You should specify a path to a folder linked with dropbox in "Local/Network folder" textbox. Also in advanced settings select output file format to be like [DatabaseOrFolderName].zip - Dropbox will handle versioning just fine.

Q: Can I change the default [DatabaseOrFolderName] output file format?

A: Yes. In advanced settings.

Q: Can one program run on more than one MySQL server?

A: Yes, just create a separate job for each MySQL server.


Q: What kind of Zip file encryption supported?

A: MySqlBF provides 2 encryption methods (available in Professional version only)
1. ZIP compatible
It supports a simple password-based symmetric encryption. Note that it provides basic encryption only and is vulnerable to known-plaintext attacks. You can use built-in Windows compressor to open backups encrypted using ZIP compatible encryption method.

2. WinZip AES
AES is a strong encryption standard adopted by the U.S. government. Built-in Windows compressor does not support AES files, so you have to use 7Zip (freeware) or WinZip 9.0 (or higher) to open backups encrypted using WinZip AES encryption method.

Also, note that backup files over 2 GB are zipped using Zip64 format.
Built-in Windows compressor does not support Zip64, so use 7Zip (freeware) or other archiver to uncompress it. You can find more details in this topic


Q: Can I get a trial version to test Amazon S3, Google Drive or other options not available in free version?

A: Just download the free version, then in the menu select Help > Start 30 days Free Trial. All the functionality of Professional version will be available to you for 30 days.

Q: How long is my license valid?

A: The license has no expiration limit for version that you buy. However, the Automatic e-mail service that you buy with the license is valid for one year only.

Q: May I install the software on more than one computer?

A: No. You need a separate license for each installation. You can install it on another computer only after uninstalling it from the first.

Q: When I enter the key I receive "This license key you have entered is not valid for version ..."?

A:The license you buy is valid for the current version only. It is guaranteed to work with any new version for 30 days after the purchase. After that if you want to use the latest MySqlBF version, you can purchase an upgrade.

Q: On Upgrade page you say: "Once you have purchased a new key, your old key becomes invalid". What do you mean?

A: "Automatic email" service won't work and you are under the obligation to destroy the old key and not to use it.

Q: Can I distribute MySqlBF with my own software product?

A: Yes for paid version as long as 1 license is active on 1 computer.  Not without our permission for free version, though you are more than welcome to encourage your users to download it from our site and use it.

Sending E-mails

Q: What is "Automated" e-mail settings option?

A: In paid versions on E-Mail settings form you can select "Automatic" option. If it is selected, all of the confirmation e-mails will be sent through a Web service on A user would not need to set any e-mail settings other than recipient's e-mail.

Q: Can I send e-mail confirmations through my GMail/Hotmail/Yahoo account?

See these posts: GMail, Hotmail, Yahoo

Q: Can I send e-mail confirmations to multiple e-mails?

A: Yes, just separate e-mails by a comma.


Q: I can not connect to my database. What is wrong?

A: First connect to MySQL using phpMyAdmin or MySQL Workbench. Then use the same parameters for MySqlBF.

Q: I get timeout errors in phpMyAdmin

A: By default the timeout in phpMyAdmin is 30 minutes (1800 sec). To change it, open the config file ( and change this variable like this: $cfg['LoginCookieValidity'] = 36000;

Q: A job runs fine with "Run Now" button, but when scheduled, gives error "Could not find part of the path..." or "Access to the path '[Your Network path"' is denied."?

A: You've saved your *.jobx file on a network or trying to backup to the network location. When a scheduler tries to run a job, it runs under Local System account that (unlike your personal account) does not have access to the network. Just go to "Advanced settings" and set the job to run under you own personal account.

Q: I can not connect to my FTP server.

A: Try unchecking "Use Passive FTP mode" in FTP Settings form. Browse topics in FTP forum for more.

Q: I get Timeout error while backing up a large database

A: Increase the database timeout in advanced settings

Q: My temp folder is too small, can I change it's location?

A: In advanced settings change the temp folder location (to other drive)

Q: I do not receive e-mail confirmations, what's wrong?

A: By default MySqlBF uses "Automated" e-mail configuration. Free users have 7 days to use it, paid users - 1 year. You have probably missed our notifications about service expiration. Just set up your own mail server (or GMail) through "E-Mail settings".

Q: Is there a log available?

A: Right on the main form there's a button "Log" that brings up a text file with all the logs. In addition a Windows Event Log Event is written when a job results in a failure. It can be seen in Administrative Tools > Event Viewer > Application.

Q: "Unable to relay" error when sending e-mails?

A: You Email server settings are incorrect. The specified SMTP server could not authenticate you as a legitimate user. See more at


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Install in a Nutshell

  • Install MySqlBackupFTP on any PC where you can connect to the MySQL Server
  • Connect to MySQL through TCP/IP
  • Or (alternatively) connect to MySQL phpMyAdmin panel
  • Choose databases to backup, FTP to send, e-mail to confirm and time to run
  • Run once to make sure all is working
  • Forget about it: the job will run it at previously specified time


Compare Features


  • MySql 5.0 and higher
  • MySql 4.1
  • phpMyAdmin 3.3, phpMyAdmin 3.4 (if connecting through phpMyAdmin)
  • Win2000, WinXP, Win2003, Windows Vista, Win2008, Windows 7