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MySQL Database Backup

If you need to make MySQL Database Backup use MySQLBackupFTP tool. Creating MySQL database backup on a regular basis is the best way to protect your data. Database disaster prevention is one of the most troubles in the life of all DBA. Data from MySQL database are transforming daily, slowly growing the size of the latter. Obviously, there is no excellent strategy to prevent database corruption, but there exist a couple functional methods that can show you how to get the risk to a minimum. Continue reading MySQL Database Backup

MySQL Auto Backup

If you are looking for MySQL auto backup tool then you can use MySQLBackupFTP. It is really crucial to make MySQL backups on a regular basis. Do you really have to make MySQL auto backup and recovery? Sure. Unless you don’t care about your data or you are okay having to completely recreate your database in the event of a disaster, you need some way of restoring the database to a workable point. There are several ways how to perform MySQL Server backup and recovery, but the quickest is to use MySQLBackupFTP application. Continue reading MySQL Auto Backup

MySQL Backup

You need to create MySQL backup regularly with the help of MySQLBackupFTP to protect your database. In a great world we would never have to care about our computers failing, nor would we have to care about a disaster. But we do not exist in a great world so be sure to backup data continuously. We know for certain, that all machines and their elements will finally crash. What we don’t know is when. Sooner or later every business or person will be faced with a dead machine. The most significant threat is the corruption of data. Continue reading MySQL Backup

Backup MySQL Database

Backup MySQL DatabaseNowadays there are many ways to backup MySQL database, but the simplest is to use MySQLBackupFTP utility. Regular backup MySQL database to protect it from the disaster. Database catastrophe avoidance is one of the largest pains in the life of all DBA. Data from databases are transforming daily, bit by bit growing the size of the latter. Of course, there is no excellent way to prevent database corruption, but there exist some useful tips that can assist you to get the possibility to the minimum. Continue reading Backup MySQL Database

How to Backup MySQL to Local or Network Folder

How to Backup MySQL to Local or Network Folder (logo)Nowadays you can perform MySQL database backup in different ways.  Also, you can choose a place where to store your backups. But how much time doest it usually take you to make MySQL database backup and store them in selected destinations? With the help of MySqlBackupFTP you  create a backup job which will make MySQL backups according to your schedule. Continue reading How to Backup MySQL to Local or Network Folder