Backup MySql

Backup MySqlThe simplest method to backup MySQL database is to use MySQLBackupFTP tool. Database catastrophe avoidance is one of the major problems in the life of every DBA. Data from a database are modifying regular, gradually growing the size. Naturally, there is no correct method to avoid database corruption, but there exist a few worthwhile tips that can assist you to bring the danger to a minimum.

Backup MySQL to Protect MySQL Database From The Failure

Down the page, we would really like to discuss situations that can bring database problem.

One of many most common cases that can potentially trigger database corruption is hardware breakdown, as an example, bad work of Disk, CPU or Memory Module.

A different subject that can damage your database is Antivirus PC software. Take note that after your antivirus program is installed, all SQL Server Database Files should be excluded from being scanned by the Antivirus program.

Another question that can certainly potentially damage your database is a desire of saving free space on the local disk. Based on my own practical experience, there were many folks who kept all SQL Server database files in zip or 7zip files to save a few space on their disks. Ultimately, these steps lead to a database troubles. If you desperately require free space, feel free to use third party tool to make database backups with compression and keep them online.

A different crucial thing that will help you to prevent database failure is launching the present updates for MySQL Windows. Alternatively, it will trigger wrong working of your shift.

And don’t forget about the case with an electrical problem that may turn to all databases being broken.

It is not an exhaustive number of issues that can destroy your database. So what shall we do to avoid database disasters and minimize the danger? You gotta know that there is no perfect strategy or strategy that will ensure absolutely prevention for your database. But, the best issue that can assist you to minimize the risk of the database corruption is to make backup MySQL database regularly. Database backups cannot avoid the corruption, but they can really help you to restore the database with minimal failures.

How To Backup MySQL

Experts recommend that all experienced DBAs ought to make regular database backups. This leads to a question – How Frequent should I make backups or what backup plans should I employ? Right before giving an answer to this question, please consider another question – Exactly how much data can you manage to lose? Work as a DBA, I have had a great many databases to recover and I can suggest that the greater quality backups you have the lower data you will finally lose.

Now there are some ways to backup MySQL


Once you prefer using command it’s important to keep in mind that you should have to backup MySQL all the time. In fact you should create a plan and completely stick to it. Possibly, backup MySQL with the help of commands is cozy if the database is not big and develops slowly. But in the, some cases changes in the database are getting place all day and night, so how to backup MySQL each night? Of course, to resolve this case you can discover in the Web scripts for making a schedule to backup MySQL Server.


Taking mysqldump for backup MySQL is a little bit smoother then perform backups using the help of commands. You don’t have to have to write commands any time when you decide to backup MySQL databases. It is good enough to make a few simplified steps. It has to be admitted that you can similarly backup MySQL along with the help of mysqldump, however it will probably take more efforts from you.


In my opinion, this is the optimal strategy for performing scheduled database backups. All you require is to make the job to backup MySQL and run the application. MySQLBackupFTP can certainly backup MySQL Server according to the schedule.

So that, if the databases are growing quickly and there are lots of changes happening every hour, it’ll be much better to select “maniacal” backup strategy. Definitely, most likely it will take additional time to restore your database should failure appear, but the percentage of data failure will be less.

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