How to Backup MySQL to FTP Server

How to Backup MySQL to FTP Server (logo)The best way to protect your MySQL databases is to make scheduled backups. But is your method convenient and reliable? Assume you need to perform MySQL backup every 6 hours and then send them to the FTP Server? How much time will you spend every day in such case? With the help of MySQLBackupFTP, you can make MySQL backup in less than two minutes.

Backup MySQL to FTP Server

Follow this simple steps and create your MySQL backup job which will make backups according to your schedule and send them to FTP Server.

  1. Download, install and launch MySQLBackupFTP. Select all databases which you are going to backup from the box on the left side.How to Backup MySQL to FTP Server
  2. To select a place where your backups will be stored press “Add destination” link. Choose FTP Server from the list. How to Backup MySQL to FTP Server (destination)Enter your FTP Server “Host address”, “Username” and “Password”. Press “Test” to check the connection then click “Save & Close” to apply all new settings.Backup MySQL to FTP Server (FTP Server)
  3. Check off “Schedule this job” and then press “Advanced backup schedule” to create a backup schedule.Backup MySQL to FTP Server (schedule) Set up the settings you need and press “Save & Close”. How to Backup MySQL to FTP Server (set schedule)
  4. That is all, all necessary settings were done. You can make MySQL database backup immediately by pressing “Run Now”. To start a backup job, click “Save”.Backup MySQL to FTP Server (run now)

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